For assembly, call Bill Truesdell, freelance writer.

Your search for a writer is over.

Yep. Take time to breathe. Ease up a bit. Because now you don’t have to be a solitary man or woman against white space. I’m here to help. In fact, I’m more than willing to wage the battle for you.

Why me? Well, my years of experience and proven talent can help you make short work of everything from advertising, feature articles and web content to news releases, direct mail and sales literature.

Need someone to bridge the gap between technical people and the end user? Sure. I’ve been doing that for decades. So look to me for spec sheets, web content and white papers – and pretty much anything else that lives under the tech banner.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be just you against that Everest of white space that’s overwhelming you. For writing, editing or concept help, feel free to give me a holler.