Bill Truesdell, freelance writer

Business-to-Business Advertising

Much of my background has been in business-to-business communications. Here are a few representative pieces for a variety of clients:

Armstrong International

Brochure: Armstrong International

Knowledge not shared is energy wasted.

Since Armstrong designed and manufactured its first steam trap in 1911, we’ve solved virtually every imaginable problem in steam trapping and steam humidification. In the process we’ve accumulated a substantial body of information.

It’s practical know-how, not just theory. And for years we’ve shared this knowledge with anyone interested. We go to great lengths to share what we know because we’re convinced that this kind of interaction is the best way to solve problems, meet individual needs and maximize the return on your energy investment.

When you come to an Armstrong seminar, you’ll see firsthand the importance of trap selection and sizing — and why savings begin with proper installation and integration of steam system components … In short, you’ll learn about savings. Not as some loosely defined goal, but as hard, no-nonsense gains you can measure on a year-end chart.

Advertisement: Warrick wastewater treatment system

It’s 3:21 a.m. The last thing you need is a false alarm.

If you’re a wastewater treatment supervisor, there’s nothing worse than false triggering. And there’s no better remedy for it than Warrick’s new Series 17 Control. Because when you install Warrick, you build in peace of mind. Here’s why…

It’s 8 a.m.

The first thing you should do is call your Warrick Representative. Or contact Warrick directly. Can you think of a better way to build peace of mind into your wastewater treatment system? We can’t either.

Advertisement: Gibson gas ranges

Why you may be just 90″ from selling a complete electric range line.

With Gibson you don’t have to tie up money and space in a large inventory. That’s because we’ve built easy, step-up features into our seven-model electric range line — displayed in just 90″.

That makes Gibson easy to demo. Easy to close. Besides, customers have a wide choice of convenience features like self-cleaning, continuously cleaning or standard porcelain ovens.

And with just 90″ of display frontage for electrics, you have plenty of room for Gibson gas ranges. Selective distribution means your margins are higher with Gibson, too. So get your range sales off the back burner. Contact your Gibson distributor today.

Advertisement: Parke-Davis pharmaceuticals

How Parke-Davis can help you bridge the gap between R&D and your market.

Moving a new product from R&D to scale-up can be risky, expensive business. At Parke-Davis, we have the custom manufacturing experience to help you reduce the risks.

For starters, our FDA-approved facility can promptly scale-up production of specialty chemicals to your precise specifications. For you, that means commercial quantities without the cost of new, in-house production capability. Plus timely response, start-up and turn-around…

So if balancing a commitment to a new product with necessary caution makes you a little shaky, see Parke-Davis…